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Bringing Landal GreenParks to the UK

Landal GreenParks UK

The client

Landal GreenParks UK is a holiday park operator specialising in providing a range of comfortable and family-friendly accommodations in picturesque natural settings across the United Kingdom. Landal GreenParks is known for offering a variety of lodging options, including cosy lodges, cottages, and caravans, often situated in scenic locations with access to outdoor activities and amenities. The parks are designed to provide a relaxing and nature-centric environment for guests seeking a peaceful retreat.

The challenge

In late 2016, Landal UK was incorporated as part of the Wyndham Vacation Rentals brand, which has since evolved into Awaze. Our responsibility was to successfully introduce the established European Landal brand to the UK market, necessitating the development of a dedicated e-commerce website for Landal in the United Kingdom.

The solution

The primary technical objective for this project was focused on time efficiency, with a strict deadline of six months to ensure the success of the brand launch. Cost optimisation served as a secondary priority, implemented judiciously throughout the project. To expedite the delivery process, a strategic approach was taken by leveraging existing components from Wyndham Vacation Rentals brand websites wherever possible. Bespoke components were only developed when deemed necessary, streamlining the implementation and contributing to meeting the project's stringent time constraints.

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Landal GreenParks UK Home Page

Our development approach

To ensure an exceptional user experience, the development approach prioritized the creation of an enhanced checkout process, an intuitive accommodation finder, and a user-friendly date picker.

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Landal GreenParks Checkout
Landal GreenParks UK Accomodation date finder page

Crafting intuitive booking journeys

In the development of the Landal UK website, our team prioritised a seamless user experience through three key components:

Enhanced checkout experience

Our focus on user-centric design principles optimised form fields, reduced friction, and integrated secure payment gateways for a seamless transaction experience. Responsive and accessible design ensures a consistent, user-friendly interface across various devices.

Accommodation finder

The accommodation finder offers an intuitive and visually engaging experience, incorporating intelligent search functionality and providing users with comprehensive information through high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and real-time availability updates.

User-friendly date picker

Facilitating the booking process, the user-friendly date picker features an intuitive calendar interface, flexible date range selection, and visual feedback for transparent and confident decision-making. Iterative testing and optimisation guarantee an enjoyable booking journey for users on the Landal UK website.

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The results

The successful execution of this project resulted in the timely launch of the Landal UK website, offering a user-friendly and visually cohesive platform that aligns seamlessly with Landal's global brand identity. The strategic balance between time efficiency, cost optimisation, and brand consistency has positioned Landal UK for a strong and impactful entry into the UK market.

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