Landal GreenParks UK

Landal UK was introduced as a brand of Wyndham Vacation Rentals (now Awaze) in late 2016. As part of this on-boarding of the already existing EU brand to the UK market, a website would be created to showcase all of the UK locations available through the Landal UK brand. Alongside the UK locations, the application also needed to surface the EU locations with correct pricing for the time of day to match the Landal EU brand.

As with most high profile projects, the speed to get a project delivered is always at the upmost priority with cost savings coming in at a close second. Of course, this was also the case with this project. The application had to use existing components from other Wyndham Vacation Rentals brands where possible and only create variations if there was not an appropriate component. With the major differences in designs however, the first implementation of Bootstrap (version 3) was introduced with great effect as the project ended up delivering additional features in comparison to other brands in record time.

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