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The client

Hoseasons, a prominent name in the holiday industry, is a leading provider of self-catering holidays, lodge retreats, and boating vacations across the United Kingdom. With a rich heritage spanning several decades, Hoseasons has established itself as a trusted brand, offering a diverse range of accommodation options to suit every preference and budget.

Whether you're seeking a cosy cottage, a luxurious lodge, or a unique boating adventure, Hoseasons provides a wide array of holiday experiences. Known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Hoseasons ensures that each property or accommodation option meets high standards, promising memorable and enjoyable getaways for families, couples, and groups alike.

The challenge

The project involved comprehensive improvements to the online platform, with a focus on key areas for enhancement. Firstly, a rebrand implementation was undertaken to refresh the brand identity and align it with current market trends. Additionally, the checkout process was optimized to streamline and enhance the user experience. Page speed optimisation was a critical aspect of the project to ensure swift and responsive website performance.

Furthermore, new features and enhancements were introduced across the platform, enhancing its functionality and keeping it at the forefront of innovation. This holistic approach aimed to elevate the company's online presence and provide users with an optimized, modern, and feature-rich digital experience.

The solution

The project aimed to comprehensively enhance Hoseasons' online platform by focusing on checkout optimisation, rebrand implementation, page speed optimisation, and the introduction of new features. The checkout process was streamlined and made more user-friendly, with secure payment gateways and optimized form fields. A rebrand refreshed the company's visual identity to align with contemporary trends. Page speed optimisation strategies, including caching and content delivery networks, were employed to ensure swift website performance. The introduction of new features and enhancements, informed by market trends and user preferences, elevated the platform's functionality. The implementation plan spanned discovery, design, development, and testing, with a phased rollout, continuous monitoring, and iterative improvements to optimize user satisfaction, brand perception, and overall platform performance.

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Hoseasons location with hottub

Modernising the brand

We undertook the engineering part of a rebrand of Hoseasons which had significant emphasis on green, instead the brand was heading towards a more luxurious grey-scale design with only occasional use of green for key user interactions.

Our task was to implement the rebrand across the site on all page types. As part of the rebrand we made significant improvements to the navigation across the site to ensure the users could easily find the holiday they want to go on next.

Hoseasons webpage on iPad
Hoseasons home page with lodges menu open
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Streamlined checkout experience

In enhancing the checkout process, specific measures were taken to address user experience inefficiencies. A detailed analysis revealed friction points, leading to the implementation of a redesigned and more intuitive checkout flow. Form fields were optimized for clarity and efficiency, minimizing user input and ensuring a smoother transaction experience. Secure payment gateways were seamlessly integrated to instill confidence in users during the checkout process. These improvements collectively aimed at reducing cart abandonment rates, enhancing overall user satisfaction, and facilitating a more efficient and secure online transaction process.

Hoseasons checkout page 1
Hoseasons checkout page 3

The result

What began as a single project evolved into a complex and diverse partnership encompassing planning, design and technical innovation. We take pride in support Hoseasons industry-leading approach and commitment to customer excellence.

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