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Mass transformation - Consolidating 700+ websites into one

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The client

HCA Healthcare UK is a leading private healthcare provider, renowned for delivering high-quality and patient-centric medical services in the United Kingdom. As part of the larger HCA Healthcare network, a globally recognized healthcare organization, HCA Healthcare UK is dedicated to providing exceptional medical care across a wide range of specialties. With a commitment to innovation, advanced medical technologies, and a focus on personalized patient experiences, HCA Healthcare UK stands at the forefront of private healthcare in the country. Their state-of-the-art facilities, experienced medical professionals, and comprehensive healthcare services make them a trusted choice for individuals seeking top-tier medical treatment and wellness solutions.

The challenge

The primary objective of this project was to execute a comprehensive mass transformation by consolidating over 700 websites into a unified platform, leveraging Sitecore as the chosen content management system (CMS). This initiative aimed to streamline and optimize digital operations, centralizing diverse web assets into a singular, cohesive online presence.

The solution

The project focused on implementing progressive enhancements, code optimization, and the creation of generic components to elevate the digital experience across HCA Healthcare UK's extensive portfolio of 700+ websites undergoing consolidation. The primary goal was to ensure a unified, high-performance, and future-ready online platform for HCA Healthcare UK.

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Driving digital excellence

In this transformative initiative, our project centered on consolidating over 700 websites for HCA Healthcare UK, implementing progressive enhancements, code optimization, and the creation of generic components. Our phased approach to progressive enhancements involved the systematic improvement of functionalities and user experiences across the vast portfolio. A thorough code review and optimization process streamlined the codebase, enhancing efficiency and performance. The development of a library of generic components ensured consistency and flexibility, facilitating seamless integration into diverse websites. With a focus on performance optimization, strategies such as image optimization and server-side enhancements were employed to boost website speed and responsiveness. This comprehensive solution not only met but exceeded performance expectations, providing a unified, scalable, and future-ready platform for HCA Healthcare UK's extensive online presence.

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System upgrade

The imperative need to upgrade Sitecore from version 8.2.0 to 9.0.2 stemmed from the strategic goal of staying aligned with the latest advancements in technology, security enhancements, and feature offerings. This three-month initiative was driven by a commitment to leveraging the improved functionalities and optimizations introduced in Sitecore 9.0.2, ensuring a robust and future-proof digital platform. The upgrade aimed at enhancing the overall performance, security, and user experience by incorporating the latest features and addressing any vulnerabilities present in the earlier version. This comprehensive process involved meticulous planning, rigorous testing, and a systematic approach to minimize downtime and potential disruptions to ongoing operations, ultimately positioning the organization for sustained success in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Empowering future growth

Our pivotal involvement extended beyond the project's completion as we took a leading role in establishing an in-house development team dedicated to the Sitecore platform for HCA Healthcare UK. Recognizing the importance of ongoing development and maintenance, we facilitated the transition by imparting knowledge, providing comprehensive training, and ensuring a seamless transfer of skills. This strategic initiative aimed to empower HCA Healthcare UK with the internal capabilities needed to drive continuous improvements, implement updates, and respond effectively to evolving digital requirements. By fostering an in-house development team, we positioned HCA Healthcare UK for long-term success, equipping them with the expertise to navigate the intricacies of the Sitecore platform and spearhead future digital initiatives with confidence and efficiency.

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The result

The successful execution of this mass transformation project resulted in a singular, streamlined online platform powered by Sitecore, offering enhanced user experiences, improved operational efficiency, and a centralized hub for diverse content previously dispersed across 700+ websites.

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