HCA Healthcare UK

HCA Healthcare UK is the largest provider of privately funded healthcare in the UK. To ensure the digital estate rightly presented the name that HCA Healthcare UK had made for themselves, a Digital Transformation Programme was initiated to see this through.

The programme consisted of combining over 700 websites into 1 website. Sitecore was chosen as the CMS of choice due to it's vast personalisation capabilities and ability to manage vast amounts of content. After the programme had gained traction, it was decided that more focus needed to be put in building an in-house Sitecore development team as ultimately, after the project is completed, this team will be supporting the application. After on-boarding the new development team they began implementing new features and enhancements to support the decommissioning stage of the programme.

Shortly after the project was completed, a secondary project was requested to upgrade the existing Sitecore solution from 8.2.0 (Initial Release) to 9.0.2 (Update-2). This was completed over a period of approximately 3 months.

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