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This exclusive collection represents the pinnacle of digital innovation, bringing you advanced tools and functionalities that redefine the boundaries of what's possible. From turbocharged performance to seamless automation, each upgrade is meticulously designed to give your website the competitive edge it deserves.

UpgradeDescriptionSlot usage
Multi-lingual supportHave multiple languages on your website.1
BlogAdd a blog to your website to get closer to your customers.1
Map and visualisationsAdd a map and visual representations to your website.1
Events integrationAddition of an event scheduling and booking system into your website.1
Live chat integrationCommunicate to your users in real-time through your website1
Newsletter subscriptionAllow your users to subscribe to your newsletters.1
Database integrationIntegrate your existing system data into the website.2
CRM integrationIntegrate your CRM system into your website for an omnichannel experience.2
User personalisationChange the content based on user behaviour, location and more.2
Advanced searchAdd advanced search capabilities with filtering to your website2
Advanced forms and surveysAdding complex forms and surveys with conditional logic to your website.2
Augmented Reality (AR)Allow users to visualise products or information in the real world through their devices camera.2
E-commerce integrationAdding e-commerce functionality to your website with a secure payment gateway.Commerce Boost / Bespoke
Membership portalCreate a secure portal for members.Bespoke
Custom featuresImplementing unique and advanced featuresBespoke

Frequency asked questions

Unleash the full potential of your website with advanced tools and functionalities that redefine digital innovation. This FAQ section provides clarity on pricing, upgrade slots, bespoke features, and more.

What is an Upgrade Slot?
An Upgrade Slot represents the availability for incorporating premium features into your website. Each slot corresponds to a specific set of functionalities or enhancements. For instance, simpler features occupy 1 slot, while more complex upgrades may require 2 slots. Business Pro and Commerce Boost websites include 2 slots as standard.
What does Bespoke mean in terms of pricing?
Bespoke refers to tailor-made, customised features designed exclusively for your website. These are unique functionalities crafted to meet your specific requirements. The pricing for bespoke features is determined through a consultation process, ensuring a personalised and effective solution.
Can I add more Upgrade Slots to my website?
Yes, of course you can! No matter what plan you have selected, we will bill the difference based on your available Upgrade Slots. For an accurate estimate please contact us.
What is a CRM integration, and why is it beneficial?
CRM integration involves seamlessly incorporating your Customer Relationship Management system into your website, creating an omnichannel experience. This enhances user engagement and streamlines communication, making it easier to manage and understand customer interactions across various channels.
Can I add multiple languages to my website?
Yes, with the Multi-lingual Support upgrade, you can have multiple languages on your website, making it more accessible to a diverse audience.
How does Augmented Reality (AR) work on a website?
Augmented Reality (AR) allows users to visualise products or information in the real world through their device's camera. This premium feature adds and interactive and immersive element to your website, providing a cutting-edge experience for users.
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